Dometic A/C Brisk Air Roof Top Air Conditioner Unit 13,500 BTU Upper Unit With Inside Ceiling Assy. Overall Upper Unit non-ducted containing inside ceiling assy.2 year. Relied on, reliable in addition to reputable. The Dometic Brisk Air is the choice of over a million RVers for an excellent variable. It does a costs job of cooling off in all climate along with locations. North, South,. East or West – Brisk Air is America’s alternative for air conditioner. – 13,500 or 15,000 BTUs. – Low amp power styles make best use of power for numerous other tools. – Quiet multi-speed blower materials interior benefit. – Installs easily alike 14-inch roofing covering air duct openings. – Superior performance for ducted or non-ducted systems. – Standard account. – Eco-friendly 410A cooling down representative. The efficient Brisk Air effectively cools likewise the. largest systems quickly. Look for to Dometic for the best. in cooling down treatment and comfort. Air Distribution Box. · Easy-to-reach controls. · Fully adaptable louvers. · High density, cleanable filter. Sale rate: $ 769.00. Price: $ 639.00 Complete Upper Unit non-ducted containing inside ceiling assy.2 year.


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